Language, Identity And Characterisation In Selected Nigerian Plays.

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Eghagha, H.
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University or Lagos Press, University of Lagos, Akoka - Yaba,Lagos.
The multilingual or bilingual skills of the average African writer may be said to be one of the benefits of the colonial encounter. termed "ambiguous blessing" by Bjomson (19). This is evident in the ability of the continent's writers to communicate in more than one language. Apart from the language of the colonial exploiter, there are the indigenous languages of the nationalities that were brought into the ambit of colonial control. In Nigeria. which was colonised by the British. the official language was and is English. As citizens went through western education the English language was imposed and accepted as a mode of instruction in primary and secondary schools. It was also the language of the newly emergent civil service. the new elite.
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Language , Nigerian Plays
Eghagha, H. (2006) Language, Identity And Characterisation In Selected Nigerian Plays.Literature, Language And National Consciousness: A Festschrift In Honour Of Theo Vincent. P. 413 - 424.