Quality and Standards of Music Education In Nigeria Tertiary Institutions.

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Ekwueme, L.U.
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The need for music education at all levels of Nigerian education has been recognised and established (the National policy on Education, 1977). section 5, NO.· 38 (ii) and (iii) of the policy state that: (1) The curriculum of higher education will be geared towards producing practical persons, and the course content will reflect our national needs and not just,hypothetical standards.(ii) Technically based professionals especially need greater exposure to the environment in which they will eventually work. How have we achieved these goals? Two questions arise:what is the impact of music in our system? DO the Universities and Colleges of education produce enough music teachers to meet the needs of the ever-growing school enrolment? This paper will (a) review standards and quality of music education in various countries and compare these with practices in Nigeria, and(b) critique the preparation of Nigerian music teachers.
Conference Paper
Music Education , Curriculum
Ekwueme,L.U. (1995) Quality and Standards of Music Education In Nigeria Tertiary Institutions.Being a Paper presented At The 3rd Annual Conference Organized By The Musicological Society Of Nigeria.