The Incidence of Sexual Abuse of Adolescents and School Type

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Osarenren, N.
Anyama, S. C.
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Counselling Association of Nigeria
This is an investigation into the incidence of sexual abuse experiences of adolescent girls in All-Girls and Co-educational secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria. 778 adolescent girls in Senior Secondary Class Two (SS2) filled a Self- Report questionnaire in a classroom setting. The Sexual Experiences Survey (Koss &, Oros, 1982) questionnaire which reflects four levels of sexual abuse was used for data collection. The four levels of abuse are Sexual Contact, Sexual Coercion, Attempted Rape and Rape. A total of 359 out of 778 respondents indicated having experienced sexual abuse; and 219 of 573 are from all- girls school while 140 of 205 are from co-educational schools. Analysis of data using chi-square revealed that there is a significant relationship between sexual abuse and type of school. The respondents were further exposed to assertiveness training skills through group counselling sessions aimed at equipping them with the appropriate skills to effectively handle sexual abuse advances. It is concluded that adolescent girls in both all-girls and co-educational secondary schools reported incidences of sexual abuse with a much higher percentage from respondents in co-educational schools. It is recommended that the four levels of sexual abuse should be brought to the knowledge of all girls through counselling and sexuality education by School Counsellors.
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Co- educational schools , Group Counselling , Assertiveness Training , Adolescent girls , Sexual Abuse , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Osarenren, N. & Anyama, S.C (2015). The Incidence of Sexual Abuse of Adolescents and School Type. The Counsellor. An Official Publication of Counselling Association of Nigeria. 34(1) 88-93. Nigeria.