The Concept of Elitism in Traditional Yoruba Thought

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Adeboye, O.
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Journal of Yoruba Folklore
The idea of social stratification is a thread that runs through every human society and this is what underlies the concept of elitism. Yoruba traditional thought, in as much as it addresses all spheres of life and activities of the people had something to say about elitism. This would thus imply that the idea of social elites is not peculiar to Western thought. However, because the traditional Yoruba society was predominantly an oral culture, its social thought was represented, not in a body of writing, but in the day to day practices of the people, their lore, belief systems and the manner in which they ordered their society. And it is to these we will turn in this paper in order to get at the ideas of the Yoruba on elitism.
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social stratification , Human society , Eliticism , Yoruba traditional thought , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::History and philosophy subjects
Adeboye, O.A. “The Concept of Elitism in Traditional Yoruba Thought”, Journal of Yoruba Folklore, 1, (Dec. 1997), 7-16