Poly-Weighted Exponentiated Gamma Distribution with Application

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Nkemnole, E.B
Ikegwu, E.M
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Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications. Atlantis Press
This paper proposes a weighting of the exponentiated gamma distribution with a polynomial function called the poly-weighted exponentiated gamma distribution (PWEGD). It shows that the modified distribution harnesses the multi-dimensional effects of the distribution. We provided an extensive mathematical treatment of this proposed distribution: obtained its parameters, estimated its statistical properties with applicable, tests and compared the estimates with existing distribution. The study estimated the cumulative distribution function, hazard function, survival function, skewness, kurtosis, mode, median and quartiles of the distribution and evaluated the distribution with Monte Carlo simulated data and the data of the wind direction (degrees) in Lagos, Nigeria. Empirical analysis showed that with increased polynomial function, the estimates and the statistical properties like the expectation, variance, standard error, median, mode, hazard and survival functions, cumulative distribution function (CDF), moments, skewness and kurtosis were significantly better than the existing root distributions. The MSE of the parameters decreased with increased power and the parameter is significant (p <0.05). It is concluded that the proposed distribution does not only provide better fitting but also establishes an efficient structure for lifetime data modelling.
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Poly-weighted Modified distributions Multi-dimensions Parameters Simulation , Research Subject Categories::MATHEMATICS
Nkemnole & Ikegwu (2020) "Poly-Weighted Exponentiated Gamma Distribution with Application"