Peace and security concerns in the Niger Delta: A persisting struggle for autonomy and self-determination

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Onuoha, B.
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This article argues that neither the amnesty granted the militants nor the election of Goodluck Jonathan as President of Nigeria will be sufficient to resolve the conflict in the Niger Delta as the crisis in the Niger Delta is an offshoot of some of the contradictions in the Nigerian federal structure, particularly the regional and power imbalance in the Constitution of 1960. Therefore, no matter how conceived, the Niger Delta crisis remains more fundamentally constitutional and political than socioeconomic or environmental. Accordingly, what the paper attempts to address is the deliberate attempt by the Nigerian state to diminish the constitutional and political aspects of the crisis, while it creates the impression that the root of the problem of the Niger Delta is neglect and inequitable distribution of national resources by the federal government. The paper brings to the fore the constitutional and the political aspects which have underpinned the Niger Delta crisis since the 1950s and 1960s and concludes that any resolution of the crisis short of those imperatives will not endure.
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Niger Delta , amnesty , militant , minorities , autonomy , self-determination , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Political science
Onuoha, B. (2015). Peace and security concerns in the Niger Delta: a persisting struggle for autonomy and self-determination. Journal of contemporary African studies, 33(1), 69-87.