The Nigeria Parkinson Disease Registry: Process, Profile, and Prospects of a Collaborative Project

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Ojo, O.O.
Abubakar, S.A.
Iwuozo, E.U.
Nwazor, E.O.
Ekenze, O.S.
Farombi, T.H.
et al
Rizig, M.
Okubadejo, N.U.
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Background: Clinical disease registries are useful for quality improvement in care, benchmarking standards, and facilitating research. Collaborative networks established thence can enhance national and international studies by generating more robust samples and credible data and promote knowledge sharing and capacity building. This report describes the methodology, baseline data, and prospects of the Nigeria Parkinson Disease Registry. Methods: This national registry was established in November 2016. Ethics approval was obtained for all sites. Basic anonymized data for consecutive cases fulfilling the United Kingdom Parkinson's Disease Brain Bank criteria (except the exclusion criterion of affected family members) are registered by participating neurologists via a secure registry website ( using a minimal common data capture format. Results: The registry had captured 578 participants from 5 of 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria by July 2019 (72.5% men). Mean age at onset was 60.3 ± 10.7 years; median disease duration (interquartile range) was 36 months (18-60.5 months). Young-onset disease (<50 years) represented 15.2%. A family history was documented in 4.5% and 7.8% with age at onset <50 and ≥ 50, respectively. The most frequent initial symptom was tremor (45.3%). At inclusion, 93.4% were on treatment (54.5% on levodopa monotherapy). Per-capita direct cost for the registry was $3.37. Conclusions: This is the first published national Parkinson's disease registry in sub-Saharan Africa. The registry will serve as a platform for development of multipronged evidence-based policies and initiatives to improve quality of care of Parkinson's disease and research engagement in Nigeria. © 2020 International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society.
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Nigeria , Parkinson's disease , registry , Sub-Saharan Africa , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE
Ojo, O. O., Abubakar, S. A., Iwuozo, E. U., Nwazor, E. O., Ekenze, O. S., Farombi, T. H., Akinyemi, R. O., Williams, U. E., Bello, A. H., Wahab, K. W., Iyagba, A. M., Arigbodi, O., Erameh, C. O., Komolafe, M. A., Fawale, M. B., Onwuegbuzie, G. A., Obiabo, Y. O., Taiwo, F. T., Agu, C. E., Ekeh, B. C., … Okubadejo, N. U. (2020). The Nigeria Parkinson Disease Registry: Process, Profile, and Prospects of a Collaborative Project. Movement disorders : official journal of the Movement Disorder Society, 35(8), 1315–1322.