The Corpus of Choreographic Styles in Tunde Kelani’s Works: A Trans-Sociological Hybridity Discourse

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Olokodana-James, O.
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Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Amongst the rudimentary compositional elements evident in most of Tunde Kelani’s works, dance and choreography have become very significant. As a promoter of culture, Tunde Kelani sets his choreographic works upon certain hybrid forms, an interaction of two opposing or complimentary patterns. He balances his projection of Nigerian autochthonous culture with glimpses of contemporaneity for global relevance and universality of content. This concept as evident is most of his filmic works is diffused into residual and emergent choreographies which can be interpreted upon diverse illustrative slates. This study takes into consideration selected movies from his stable and highlights his patterns of choreographic indulgences in traditional cum contemporary synergy. As a two-way dimensional discourse, the study employs as its theoretical frameworks, Trans-Sociological Hybridity hinged on a fusion of Causal Antecedent Condition, Popular Culture and Modern Eclecticism. These concepts are further interrogated through the exploratory and descriptive methods respectively
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Tunde Kelani , Dance , Trans-Sociological Hybridity , Choreography , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Aesthetic subjects
Olokodana-James, Oluwatoyin. (2021). "The Corpus of Choreographic Styles in Tunde Kelani’s Works: A Trans-Sociological Hybridity Discourse" in The Cinema Of Tunde Kelani: Aesthetics, Theatricalities and Visual Performance. Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom: ambridge Scholars Publishing