Surveying Practice in Nigeria: Strategies for Survival in the Next Millenium

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Fajemirokun, F.A
Nwilo, P.C
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Nigerian Institution of Surveyors
Surveying is one of the oldest professions in Nigeria and has, since its inception, been governed by a number of legislations.The training of survey manpower is done at three levels. Professional training is carried out mainly in the universities, the technologists are trained mainly in the polytechnics and colleges of technologies while the technicians are trained in the polytechnics, state survey schools or on the job. Two main professional bodies exist within the profession to cater for the interest of the members. The practice of surveying in Nigeria is divided into two components: the public and private sector practices. Recent development in computer, digital, information and satellite technologies have influenced tremendously the practice of surveying all over the World. Maps can now be produced on almost real time basis using digital satellite images with resolutions of up to 1m. These changes are taking place in very quick successions and this poses a great challenge to the professional practice and its survival in this millennium. There is an urgent need to broaden the scope of training for surveyors in our institutions so as to incorporate courses in digital and geoinformation technology, satellite technology and environment, apart from the traditional courses. Due to the cost of equipment and the rate at which technology is changing, formation of surveying equipment-leasing companies should be encouraged. Merger of firms or, in the alternative, co-operative efforts by two or more firms should also be encouraged so as to be able to pull resources together to face future challenges. Furthermore, for surveyors to be consistently relevant, they must continuously update themselves through participation in seminars, workshops and conferences as well as participate in the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors Mandatory Compulsory Development Programme (MCPD).
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Surveying , Information System
Fajemirokun, F.A & Nwilo, P.C (2000) Surveying Practice in Nigeria: Strategies for Survival in the Next Millenium. Proceedings of the Technical Session of the 32nd Annual General Meeting and Conference held at Benin City, Edo State