Global Climatic Change in Nigeria: A Reality or Mirage

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Ojekunle, Z.O.
Oyebamiji, F.F.
Olatunde, K.A.
Ojekunle, V.O.
Sangowusi, O.R.
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Global Journal of HUMAN-SOCIAL SCIENCE: B Geography, Geo-Sciences, Environmental Disaster Management
Emphasis on climate change studies have been more on global whereas the effects are mainly at regional and national levels. It is on this premise that this study investigated the effect on climate change and global warming from the Nigerian perspective. Climatic data (Mean annual and monthlyrainfall and temperature) from 30 synoptic stations, for 80 years were collected from the Nigerian Meteorological Agency, Lagos, between 1901-1938 and 1971-2012. Secondary data from different sources were also collected. These were analysed using time series, correlation and percentages among other statistical tools. The result shows that while temperature at inverse relationship in Nigeria i.e. temperature is increasing, the rainfall is decreasing. While global temperature for the past 100 years is 0.72-0.74 OC that of Nigeria between the two climatic periods under study is 1.80 OC. Major spatial shifts were observed for example,southward shift in the divide between the double rainfall peak and single rainfall peak, and temporal shift in short-dry-season from August to July in Southern Nigeria.
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Global warming , Climate change , Short-dry-season , Tempreture , Rainfall peak , Sustainable development policies , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Ojekunle, Z.O. [] (2014). Global Climatic Change in Nigeria: A Reality or Mirage.