Modeling and Simulation of Scale Deposition during Water-flooding in Porous Media

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Adeyanju, O.
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Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
Mineral scale deposition within the reservoir due to incompatibility of the injected and the formation water can cause a significant decrease in reservoir performance. Few documentations of the damage cause by scale deposition to reservoir flow performance are available in the literature. In this paper a fully implicit numerical model was developed to model the deposition and concentration profiles of scales formed in the formation. The simulated results conform well when compared to the developed analytical solution to mimic the mineral scale deposition and concentration profiles. The model ability to shows the effects of changing porosities not acknowledged by the analytical model confirmed the effectiveness of the developed model. The results showed that the effect of permeability and porosity reductions is prominent in the near well-bore regions of the injection well. Also the higher the concentrations of the mineral scale in the mixture of the injected and formation water the higher the degree of formation damage. Hence efforts should be made to test the compatibility of the injected and formation water before embarking on a water-flooding project to prevent excessive damage to the reservoir. This will minimizes productivity reduction during the flooding.
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Mineral scales , Deposition profile , Water injection , Formation damage , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Chemical engineering
Adeyanju, O.A. (2012). Modeling and Simulation of Scale Deposition during Water-flooding in Porous Media. Journal of Advances in Petroleum Engineering Sciences (ASPES), Vol. 3(4).