Nigerian Housing Scenario:Research into Local Building Materials

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Falade, F.
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This paper examines the involvement of Government in housing delivery in Nigeria. It noted that the participation of Government has not been too successful. The low-cost housing programmes have been eluding the target groups because of high unit costs, which make the housing units unaffordable to the intended beneficiaries. Some research findings on local materials that are suitable for low-cost housing schemes are presented. It is recommended that the use of conventional materials and inappropriate construction technologies be discontinued while Government, its agencies and parastatals are enjoined to use appropriate local materials for their projects. Funding of prototypes as a way of ascertaining the real life behaviour of some materials is necessary, and therefore Government and Industrialists should endeavour to contribute towards realization of success of such results.
Conference Paper
Housing , Building Materials
Falade, F. (2000) Nigerian Housing Scenario: Researsh Into Local Bulding Materials. Nigerian Housing Scenario: Research into Local Building Materials. Being a Paper Presented At The Proc. Shelter Africa 2000- 4th International Conference on Housing, Abuja, Nigeria. Pp. 1 - 16.