Perceived Influence of Counselling on Fresh Undergraduates’ Psychological and Social Adjustments

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Anyama, S. C.
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Faculty of Education, University of Lagos, Akoka-Lagos, Nigeria.
The psychological and social adjustments difficulties of fresh undergraduates in Nigerian universities have been emerging issues. The transition of students from secondary school to university education is very challenging. Thus, there is a need for the provision of counselling to improve students' psychological and social adjustments for an effective transition to university education. The study examines the perceived influence of counselling on psychological and social adjustments among fresh undergraduates. Descriptive survey research design was used for this study. The participants comprised 240 fresh undergraduates of the University of Lagos randomly selected from eight faculties. First-year students were used because are new to the university environment and more likely to be battling adjustment issues. Two research hypotheses were formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. A researcher-constructed 40-item questionnaire titled Perceived Influence of Counselling on psychological and social adjustments (PICPSA) was used for data collection. The instrument has a lest-retest reliability coefficient of 0.78. Data generated were analysed using independent t-test statistical tool. Results indicated that the two null hypotheses tested were rejected. Findings revealed that undergraduates with a high perception of counselling significantly have higher levels of psychological adjustment than those with a low perception of counselling and that there was a significant difference in the students' level of social adjustment based on their perception of counselling. The study recommended among others that exposure of fresh students to counselling and its programs by university authorities would help reduce their psychological and social maladjustments.
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Fresh undergraduates , Nigerian Universities , social adjustments difficulties , University Education , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Anyama, S.C. (2022). Perceived Influence of Counselling on Fresh Undergraduates’ Psychological and Social Adjustments. Lagos Education Review. Nigeria.