Petrographic Interpretation of Charnockitic rocks from Osuntedo and Wasimi, Southwestern Nigeria

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Oziegbe, E. J.
Oziegbe, O.
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Development Journal Of Science and Technology Research (DJOSTER)
Samples of charnockitic rocks from Osuntedo and Wasimi were subjected to petrographical analysis to determine the mineral present and the textural relationship of the mineral assemblage. It was observed that the charnockitic rocks contain pyroxene, biotite, amphibole, plagioclase feldspar, orthoclase and quartz with apatite and titanite present as accessory mineral. The textural relationship shows pyroxene included in biotite, and biotite mantling pyroxene. Also, amphibole reaction rims were noted around pyroxene, biotite, plagioclase and quartz. In addition, there were inclusions of euhedral apatite in biotite, antiperthite is surrounded by orthoclase feldspars. Plagioclase feldspar show zoning and bent twin lamellae. The sequence of crystallization of minerals follows the order; pyroxene, biotite and plagioclase, with amphibole showing a late appearance. The textural relationship of the minerals in the charnockitic rocks of Wasimi and Osuntedo demonstrate that the rocks are of igneous origin. Charnockitic rock of Wasimi contain more quartz compared to that of Osuntedo.
Scholarly article
Oziegbe, E. J. and Oziegbe, O. (2023): Petrographic interpretation of Charnockitic Rocks from Osuntedo and Wasimi, Southwestern Nigeria. Development Journal of Science and Technology Research, Volume 12, Number 2, pp. 35-46.