Derivation of a List of Priority Antibodies from the Analysis of a Cohort of Cases sent from Nigeria for External Consultation

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Igbokwe, U.O.
Olusina, D. B.
Odubanjo, M. O.
Anunobi, C. C.
Akinde, O. R.
Badmos, K. B.
Abdulkareem, F. B.
Banjo, A. A. F.
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Annals of Tropical Pathology
Introduction: The major obstacle to developing sustainable services in a resource-limited setting, which hitherto has not had routine availability of diagnostic immunohistochemistry (IHC), is choosing from a large array of over 200 antibodies that are currently in use in the Western world. Materials and Methods: By critically analyzing the use of diagnostic IHC in a cohort of 360 cases sent for consultation from Nigeria to the UK between January 2014 and May 2016, we have derived a list of antibodies that could meet over 85% of current diagnostic IHC needs in Nigeria. Results: From our analysis, a starter list of only two antibodies could immediately meet over 30% of the IHC needs. Having mastered this starter list, the service could move to the next step by adding 23 other antibodies which could meet another 85% of diagnostic IHC needs. Conclusions: Testing with these 25 antibodies can be done at least twice weekly to address the 3 areas mentioned above and greatly increase the chances of success in establishing a sustainable service. We recommend this list to the various groups working with diagnostic IHC in Nigeria and look forward to reports of their efforts.
Antibodies, immunohistochemistry, Nigeria, priority list
Annals of Tropical Pathology ¦ Volume 8 ¦ Issue 2 ¦ July-December 201778