Design, Development And Assessment Of Maintenance System For Building Industry In Developing Countries

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Falade, F.
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This paper examines the problems of maintenance in developing countries. It acknowledges poor maintenance culture as a worldwide problem but notes that the situation is at an alarming rate in the developing countries. Usually building projects are packaged without provision for the future maintenance of the buildings during their service periods. Therefore, when the facilities are being used and deterioration sets in, it takes sometime to put an arrangement in place to correct the defect(s). Most maintenance operations fail qualitatively and quantitatively due to improper design, inappropriate maintenance approach, inadequate planning and inappropriate maintenance method and a times lack of maintenance policies. The author indicates that the use of labour-based method for maintenance operations in building industry would be more appropriate in developing countries as opposed to equipment-based or labour intensive approach. Labour-based method is considered to be more economical than either equipment based or labour intensive method. An operational concept for effective design and management of maintenance work is presented. The concept provides procedures for carrying out maintenance works, evaluating resources for maintenance operations and assessing the performance of maintenance works. The performance is assessed by cost control (cost indexes and performance checks through the use of man-hours per unit of work done. Good management in maintenance work would furnish such indexes as are necessary to permit evaluation of the performance of the organisation internally and provide top management with information they need to assess the performance of the maintenance.
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Building Industry , Maintenance System
Falade, F. (2001) Design, Development And Assessment Of Maintenance System For Building Industry In Developing Countries. Being a Paper Presented At The Proceedings 14th International Congress on Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management (COMADEM 2001), University of Manchester, United Kingdom.