Early geography of the coronavirus disease outbreak in Nigeria

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Olusola, A.
Olusola, B
Onafeso, O
Ajiola, F
Adelabu, S
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An understanding of the COVID-19 spread is growing around the world, yet little is known of Africa. This paper explores the time-space geographies of COVID-19 infection focusing on Africa and Nigeria especially. We appraise the global-to-local situation of confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries as well as measures engaged in response to the pandemic. Findings reveal that South Africa accounts for 40% of the total confirmed cases in Africa, followed by Egypt (18%), Nigeria (6.8%), Ghana (4.6%), and Algeria (3.6). Our study shows a significant relationship between population density and COVID-19 cases in Nigeria (R2 = 0.76; y = 2.43x - 268.7). This expression suggests that high population densities catalyze the spread of COVID-19. While Nigeria has only recorded about 25,964 cases as of the time of writing, the country is struggling to match pressures from rising cases as a result of existing disparities in health care systems
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COVID-19 , Health care , Population densities , Nigeria , Time–space geographies , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION
Olusola, A. Olusola, B. Onafeso, O. Ajiola, F. Adelabu, S. (2020). Early geography of the coronavirus disease outbreak in Nigeria, GeoJournal https://doi.org/10.1007/s10708-020-10278-