Assessment of the Physicochemical Status of a Textile Industry's Effluent and its Environment

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Adeyeye, E.I
Ayejuyo, O.O
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Pakistan Journal of Science and Industrial Research
Physicochemical status of an industrial textile's effluent and its environment (soil and agricultural product-cassava tubers) at Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria was assessed. Results showed that great variation existed among the parameters (pH units, temperature, conductivity, total hardness, total alkalinity, bicarbonate and hydroxide hardness, calcium and magnesium hardness, chloride and metal elements) down the channel, significant difference (P<0.05) existed among the minerals in the effluent, soil sediments and cassava tubers in the three different zones. Fe, Mg, Ca, Na, K and Ni were found to be more concentrated in the effluent whereas Co, Zn, Pb, Cd and Mn were more concentrated in the soil sediments. However, Fe, Pb and Mn were more concentrated in the effluent than in cassava tubers. Mg, Ca, Zn, Cu, Cd, Na and K were more highly concentrated in cassava tubers showing evidence of bioaccumulation.
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Physicochemical status , Textile effluent , Bioaccumulation , Cassava tubers , Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Chemistry
Adeyeye, E. I., & Ayejuyo, O. O. (2002). Assessment of the physicochemical status of a textile industry's effluent and its environment. Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 45(1), 10-16pp.