Mathematical optimisation of laminar forced convection heat transfer through a vascularised solid with square channels

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Olakoyejo, O.T.
Bello-Ochende, T.
Meyer, J.P.
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This paper presents a three-dimensional geometric optimisation of cooling channels in forced convection of a vascularised material with the localised self-cooling property subjected to a heat flux. A square configuration was studied with different porosities. Analytical and numerical solutions were provided. The geometrical configuration was optimised in such a way that the peak temperature was minimised at every point in the solid body. The optimisation was subject to the constraint of a fixed global volume of solid material, but the elemental volume was allowed to morph. The solid material was subject to a heat flux on one side and the cooling fluid was forced through the channels from the opposite direction with a specified pressure difference. The structure had three degrees of freedom as design variables: the elemental volume, channel hydraulic diameter and channel-to-channel spacing. A gradient-based optimisation algorithm was used to determine the optimal geometry that gave the lowest thermal resistance. This optimiser adequately handled the numerical objective function obtained from numerical simulations of the fluid flow and heat transfer. The numerical results obtained were in agreement with a theoretical formulation using scale analysis and the method of intersection of asymptotes. The results obtained show that as the pressure difference increases, the minimised thermal resistance decreases. The results also show the behaviour of the applied pressure difference on the optimised geometry. The use of the optimiser made the numerical results to be more robust with respect to the optimum internal configurations of the flow systems and the dimensionless pressure difference.
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Mathematical , Square channels , Optimisation , Vascularisation , Constructal theory , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Olakoyejo, O.T., Bello-Ochende T. and Meyer, j.P. (2012). Mathematical optimisation of laminar forced convection heat transfer through a vascularised solid with square channels. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 55: 2402-2411