Nexus between Social Media and Democratization: Evidence from 2015 General Elections in Nigeria.

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Adams, L.A.
Quadri, M.O
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IIUM Press. International Islamic University Malaysia.
This study examines the link between social media networks (SMNs) and democratization process by focusing on the 2015 General Elections in Nigeria. Relying on Manuel Castells’ network theory and empirical field survey, the paper investigates the prevalent conditions that have nurtured SMNs participation in Nigeria’s democratic space and the challenges and prospects of social media as catalysts for deepening democracy in the country. The paper asserts that although social media remains veritable tools for democratic consolidation worldwide, the salience and impact are still at the nascent stage in Nigeria. Besides, institutional and legal impediments, economic and infrastructural challenges have contrived to limit the envisaged positive impact of SMNs in the democratization process in Nigeria. The paper recommends efforts to stimulate Internet penetration and social media affordance while the Nigerian cyberspace should be more democratised.
Nigeria, democratization, democracy, election, social media networks
Adams, I. A., & Quadri, M. O. (2018). Nexus Between Social Media and Democratization: Evidence From 2015 General Elections in Nigeria. Intellectual Discourse, 26(1), 111-132.