Growth coefficient and assessment of species-specific primers for amplification of mtDNA of the Royal Spiny Lobster, Panulirus regius (De Brito Capello, 1864)

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Lawal-Are, A. O.
Moruf, R. O.
Idumebor-Okorie, J. O.
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The Royal Spiny Lobster, Panulirus regius (De Brito Capello, 1864) is one of the most important marine crustaceans in Nigeria. Pattern of growth, condition factors and the primers for amplification of the mitochondrial DNA of a Palinuridae lobster, Panulirus regius along Nigeria coastal water were investigated from January to June 2017. The specimens ranged in carapace length from 13.1 to 28.3 cm, weighing 53.1 to 195.6g. Length-weight relationship was estimated as W = 0.0145L1.600 given an allometric growth model. The calculated maximum Fulton’s Condition Factor (KF) and Allometric Condition Factor (KA) were 2.5 and 0.0003 respectively. The designed primers were defined in sequences, number of band and percentage polymorphic band. The amplification result showed high polymorphism level based on the banding patterns of the samples. With this species specific primers specimen can be identified using minimal quantities of different tissues with only DNA isolation, PCR and electrophoresis for varieties of biological researches. This study revealed that morphometric characterization coupled with molecular analyses could make proper classification of crustaceans in Nigeria possible to achieve
condition factor , DNA , Lagos Harbour , Lobster , primer , Nigeria