Job Satisfaction and Employees’ Turnover Intentions in total Nigeria plc. in Lagos State

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Ikemefuna, C. O.
Mbah, S. E.
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Seventh Sense Research Group
This paper examines job satisfaction and employees ’ turnover intentions in Total Nigeria P-LC in Lagos State. The paper highlights and defines basic concepts of job satisfaction and employees' turnover intention. It specifically considered satisfaction with pay, nature of work and supervision as the three facets ofjob satisfaction that affect employee turnover intention. To achieve this objective, authors adopted a survey method by administration of questionnaires, conducting interview and by reviewing archival documents as well as review of relevant journals and textbooks in this field of learning as means of data collection. Four (4) major hypotheses were derived from literature and respective null hypotheses tested at .05 level of significance It was found that specifically job satisfaction reduces employees' turnover intention and that Total Nigeria PLC adopts standard pay structure, conducive nature of work and efficient supervision not. only as strategies to reduce employees' turnover but also as the company retention strategy.
Scholarly article
Mbah, S. E. and Ikemefuna, C.O. (2012). Job satisfaction and Employees' turnover intentions in Total Nigeria Plc, Lagos State. Nigeria. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2(24), 275-286