Evolving from a Post-Modern Society: Impact of Covid-19- on Global Culture and Socialization

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Emeri, P.N
Olabiyi, O.B
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International Journal of Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development (IJYEED), University of Nigeria, Nsukka
The perception of man and societies have always been faced with either a radical or an evolutionary change that either comes by a radical influence or would perhaps take its place through nature. In a bid to describe the shift in times from the oral society and beyond, scholars have perceived this shift in times and cultures differently. This paper examines Post modernism from the lenses of the current evolution of the society experienced because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The paper also examined how the evolution from post modernism is birthing a new normal in our world today. Conceptual clarifications of global culture and socialization were given. Furthermore, sociological implications and the implications for the Nigerian society were provided. The paper concluded by providing the following recommendations for global recoveries: Global leaders should recognize the importance of investments in innovation and community resilience. Global leaders should quash discordant nationalism in a bid for global recovery. Global societies should envisage a new world instead of expecting their world to return to normal rather. Nigerian government should assume responsibility with specific focus on investing highly in development and research innovation in the health sector. Internet access should be available to even poorer societies. Government should support research and innovation to bring about best policies and practices that fit into the future.
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Post modernism , Covid-19 , Global culture , Socialization , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Emeri,P.N. & Olabiyi, O.B. (2022). Evolving from a Post-Modern Society: Impact of Covid-19- on Global Culture and Socialization. International Journal of Youth Empowerment atrepreneurship Development (IJYEED), University of Nigeria, Nsukkand En, 3(2), 650-663.