An Analysis of the Impact of a Home Economics Programme on Under-Privileged Women in Lagos

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George, Mary. Martha.
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University of Lagos
The need to provide educational opportunities for underprivileged women to enable them play significant roles in the society has been articulated throughout Nigeria and indeed the world especially since 1975 (Gayfer 1980). Few programmes however exist towards this goal and the women hardly participate in them. What factors have been responsible for this low level of participation? Are the women themselves, or to how the programmes are operated or to a combination of these? This research however is not so much to answer these questions but to evaluate the effect of a particular adult education programme, spearheaded by the researcher, on the lives of women in some suburban areas in the Lagos metropolis. The three-years participatory research programme by the researcher provides a model geared towards helping underprivileged women in urban slum areas to fulfil their educational needs so that they can better utilise and improve their income-generating skills as well as develop better understanding of their potentialities for improving their general wee-being of the society.
Adult education , Empowerment , Women Empowerment , Skill acquisition
George, M. M. (1982). ''An Analysis of the Impact of a Home Economics Programme on Under-Privileged Women in Lagos.'' Thesis submitted to the Post Graduate School University of Lagos in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Adult Education Department.