Foreign body impaction aided by thumb-sucking in the palate of an infant

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Adeyemo, W.L.
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Having read a recent paper published in J Craniofac Surg entitled “unusual foreign body impaction in the palate: plastic screw cap,” (Calis et al 2011). I am encouraged to share a similar experience I had with a 16-month-old girl who was referred to a private hospital setting in Lagos, Nigeria for a foreign body impaction in the palate. The mother claimed she noticed a white object in her child’s palate four days before presentation. She did not know what the object was, but feared that it might a growth, and this made her visibly worried. On examination, the patient was a fit and healthy female infant who was not in any obvious distress. Attempts were made thrice to examine the child’s mouth, but she was very uncooperative. However, a round white object was visualized at the center of the palate. A decision was made to examine and extract the object under general anaesthesia. Under gaseous and intravenous anaesthesia, the child’s mouth was fully open with a mouth gag. A whitish flat plastic object firmly attached to the center of the palate was seen. The object (1cm x 1cm) was dislodged from the center of the palate. An area of inflamed tissue around the edge of the object was exposed. The child was discharged home the same day after full recovery from general anaesthesia.
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Adeyemo, W.L. (2012). Foreign body impaction aided by thumb-sucking in the palate of an infant. J Craniofac Surg. Vol.23(4):1227-8.