Revitalising teacher education programme for socio-ethical transformation of Nigerian society

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Akinsanya, P.O.
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Philosophy of Education Association of Nigeria
This paper addresses cases of violence, discords and disturbances witnessed at both the national and international spheres which have made considerations on social ethics of vital importance in today s discourse. At the heart of these discussions is the issue of transformation of the society, Nigeria in particular. The writer argues that education is the /001 which could be used tofoster social and ethical transformation for its ability to create a domino effect on all sectors of life (be it social, economic, leadership, followership, etc). The writer further contends that no effort dissipated on education could yield substantial effects without an improvement on teacher education programme. Since the teacher could make or mar the best educational system in the world, it is expedient that the education of the Nigerian teacher be revisited and revitalized. With the kind of re-vitalization proposed in this paper, the socio-ethical transformation of the Nigerian society through her education system could be easily achieved.
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Teacher education programme , Education , Social ethics , Social transformation , Moral transformation , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Akinsanya, P.O. (2014). Revitalising teacher education programme for socio-ethical transformation of Nigerian society. Nigerian Journal of Educational Philosophy, 25(2), 27-32.