Knowledge and Behaviour of Consumers towards Food Behaviours in Lagos State

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Otinwa, G.O.
Onwuama, M.A.C
Owolabi, H.L
Idris, Y. A.
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The use of food additives is dated back to agrarian era when substances which are often safe and nutritious were added to food. Food additives are natural or artificial substances used for preservation, improvement of taste and attractiveness of food. The post agrarian period witnessed advancement in food technology with the use of synthetic substances in packaged food which constitute great concern considering its perceived adverse effects on health. The study seeks to determine the knowledge and behaviour of consumers towards food additives in processed food. Descriptive research method was adopted for the study. The study population comprised secondary school teachers and young adults in tertiary institutions in Lagos State, Nigeria. Stratified sampling technique was used to select two hundred and fifty participants. The Health Belief Theory provided a platform for the study. Food Additive Utilisation Questionnaire (FAUQ) r=1.00 was used for data collection. Data was analysed using the descriptive statistics of percentages, mean, standard deviation and the inferential statistics of Multiple Regression analysis at 0.05 alpha level. The findings revealed that knowledge of health implications and behaviour of consumers towards food additives significantly influenced consumption of products by consumers. It was recommended that health education should be reinforced as means of reducing the detrimental effect of consumption of foods and drinks with additives. There is also need for regulations concerning the sale of food additives should be modified to require the reporting of adverse effects boldly to the consumer to strictly adhere to positive bahaviours towards food additives.
Behaviour , Consumer , Food Addditives , Knowledge , Utilization
44. Grace O. Otinwa, Mercy A. Onwuama, Habeeb L. Owolabi, Yusuf A. Idris &Olayinka I. Akoleowo (2018). “Knowledge and behaviour of consumers towards food additives in Lagos State”. Journal of Research and Contemporary Issues in Human Kinetics and Health Education, 4(1), 222-231.