Accidental Denture Ingestion in Two Teaching Hospitals in Lagos

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Oremosu, O.A.
Olubi, O.O.
Akinola, M.D.
Adeyemo, W.L.
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Lagos University Medical Society
BACKGROUND Accidental foreign body ingestion is a common cause for emergency treatment. Dentures can be accidentally ingested. OBJECTIVE This study investigated accidental denture ingestion, and management outcome. MATERIALS AND METHODS A prospective study involving patients at 2 teaching hospitals in south-west Nigeria, who presented in the emergency room within a period of two years (2016-2018) with a previous history of wearing dentures were included. Information collected included patients’ demography, presenting complaints, investigations done, type of dentures/prostheses, surgical procedure performed and outcome. RESULTS A total of 20 cases were seen during the period of the study. The age range was from 28-75 years. More males 16 (80.0%) presented than females 4 (20.0%). Patients presented with pain on swallowing 9 (45.0%), while 11 (55.0%) gave a positive history of ingestion dentures. Dentures ingestion occurred more frequently while taking medications 12 (60.0%). Most patients (80.0%) presented with denture impaction in the upper oesophagus, while 3 (15.0%) were lodged in the hypopharynx. All dentures ingested were more often upper dentures 13 (65.0%) and made of acrylic with no metallic attachment. Most dentures were used for more than five years (76.5%). Radiographs showed widened prevertebral shadow in 13 (65.0%) patients, air trapping and widening of hypopharynx in 3 (15.0%). Seventeen of the 20 ingested dentures were successfully removed without complications. Complications included oesophageal perforation with secondary mediastinitis, and oesophageal mucosal tear without perforation. CONCLUSION Denture use after more than 5 years, with or without signs of lack of retention have a higher tendency to be ingested accidentally, leading to impaction in the upper oesophagus. The impacted denture can be successfully removed through oesophagoscopy.
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Accidental , Ingestion , Denture , Emergency treatment , Research Subject Categories::ODONTOLOGY
Oremosu OA, Olubi OO, Akinola MD, Adeyemo WL. Accidental Denture Ingestion in Two Teaching Hospitals in Lagos. Nig Q J Hosp Med 2019; 29: 41-45.