The Somalia Conflict: From Irredentism to Clanish War for Unification

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Osiki, O.M
Emordi, E.C
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This paper examines the Somali conflict, especially how it degenerated from-a-simple war of ethnic crisis-into one of world's most deadly and persistent crises. The paper investigates the interplay of both local and international factors in the escalation of the war. The paper is of the view that clannish interests and-selfish leadership idiosyncrasies more than any other factors-had been very critical in the conflicts To this end, the paper- has highlighted the issue of clan fragmentation of opposition groups as mainly responsible for the prolongation of the crisis. The work concludes. on the note that the role of the international community has not been strong' enough to significantly address the conflict. It therefore recommends the operation of a federal or confederal. system of government as a possible panacea for the crisis.
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Ethnic Crisis , War
Osiki, O.M, Emordi, E.C (2008), The Somalia Conflict: From Irredentism to Clanish War for Unification. Journal of History and Diplomatic Studies, vol. 4 & 5