Fifty Years of Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects.

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Oghojafor, B. E. A.
Okonji, P.S.
Olayemi, O.O
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Entrepreneurship has been globally taunted as a means of promoting economic growth and development. This is achieved through the generation of greater employment opportunities, the development of local technological base, import substitution and sources of foreign exchange earnings. It is in recognition of these immense contributions that successive Nigerian governments since independence have made several attempts at promoting entrepreneurship and small business development. The study focused on the entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) initiatives of successive Nigerian government. With the aid of structured questionnaires and personal interviews, relevant information was elicited from respondents’ academia entrepreneurs and investment experts. The study revealed that such initiatives failed abysmally due to over bearing bureaucracies, corruption, inadequate and inefficient infrastructural facilities and maladministration. The government was admonished to show greater commitment to entrepreneurship and SMEs programs. The appointment of proven men of integrity and expertise is a sine qua non for effective implementation of such initiatives devoid of undue political interference and corrupt tendencies.
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Entrepreneurship , Economic Development, , Corruption , Employment Generation
Oghojafor, B. E. A., Okonji, P.S. & Olayemi, O.O (2011), Fifty Years of Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects. 10th International Entrepreneurship Forum, Tamkeen, Bahrain,