Higher education; A Catalyst for developing entrepreneurial skills among Nigerian students

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Oladipo, S.A.
Adebakin, A.B.
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Journal of pedagogical thought
It is highly imperative to emphasize the significance of human resources development in the wealth creation of developing a nation, such as Nigeria. This study highlighted the role of higher education in developing entrepreneurial skills among Nigerian undergraduate students. This was informed from the fact that there is a high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. which has been attributed to some academic programme challenges and policies in the tertiary institutions. The study adopted the descriptive survey design, and the ten Universities in Logos and Ogun States of Nigeria constituted the population. Out of this, four public and two private universities were randomly selected. 150 undergraduate students were also selected from five faculties using purposive random sampling technique. Both documentary analysis and structured questionnaires were used for data collection. The Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient and descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data. The results revealed that most institutions concentrate mainly on the acquisition of knowledge which could only sustain the graduates in white-collar jobs rather than creating their jobs. The study recommended among other things that the quality of instruction in the institutions has to be redirected towards inculcating the values of acquisition of competencies necessary for self-reliance and poverty reduction.
jobs, training, employability, graduates, programme
Oladipo, S.A. and Adebakin, A.B. (2012). Higher education: A catalyst for developing entrepreneurial skills among Nigerian students. Journal of Pedagogical Thought, 5, 73-91. Tanzania.