Comparative Studies of the Antimicrobial Activity of Components of Different Polarities from the Leaves of Nauclea latifolia

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Ogunlesi, M.
Okiei, W.O.
Binutu, M.
Ademoye, M.A.
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The aim of this study is to obtain the 50% methanol extract from the dried leaves of Nauclea latifolia, fractionate it and investigate the antimicrobial activity of the resulting components. The aqueous solution of the 50% methanol extract obtained from the dried leaves of Nauclea latifolia was partitioned sequentially with hexane, ethyl acetate and butanol to yield fractions of different polarities which were separated by preparative thin layer chromatography to give components. The extract, fractions and components Were tested for antimicrobial activity
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Chromatography , Phytochemical , Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Chemistry
Okiei, W. O., Ogunlesi, M., Osibote, E. A., Binutu, M. K., & Ademoye, M. A. (2011). Comparative studies of the antimicrobial activity of components of different polarities from the leaves of Nauclea latifolia.