Patients Views about Level of their Interactions with Pharmacists

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Joda, A.E
Eniojukan, J.E
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Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy
A number of dissatisfied clients from pharmacies had been encountered and this led to an interest in the researcher to actually document the level of interactions between pharmacists and patients in hospital and community pharmacies. The main purpose of this study was to determine the level of interactions between patients and pharmacists hereby serving as a baseline for future intervention studies. Using an exit survey method, one hundred and eighty two patients/customers had a pre-tested questionnaire administered to them (82 in hospital practice and 100 in community practice). There was 100% recovery of responses. The results obtained revealed that though patients signified their satisfaction with the current level of interaction they had with the pharmacists, they also believe that there exists a need for improvement. It is imperative for pharmacists and pharmacy managers to rise up to their responsibility by providing the facilities and services required for the improvement of the level of interactions presently attained.
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Patient/Pharmacist Interactions , Pharmacist-Patient Consultations , Pharmacy Practice , Patients , Research Subject Categories::PHARMACY
Joda AE and Eniojukan J. (2004) Patients Views about Level of their Interactions with Pharmacists. The Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy, 36(3):14-18