The Structuralist Analysis of an Igbo Folktale:"Odu Na Ona"

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Edeoga, P.N
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University of Lagos
Folktale is a story passed down orally from one generation to the next and becomes part of a community's tradition. It is the simplest form of narrative. The folktale of different cultures have been analysed by scholars following different approaches. This work aims at the structuralist analysis of an Igbo folktale "Odu na Ona" following Propp's ground breaking morphological classification in Morphology of the Folktales. Propp identified thirty-one functions that comprised the structure of tales though not all the functions appear in every story. Therefore, this work examines the said Igbo folktale 'Odu na Ona' in the light of those functions identified by Propp.
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Folktale , Linguistics
Edeoga, P.N. (2015), The Structuralist Analysis of an Igbo Folktale:"Odu Na Ona". Being A Paper Presented On the 9th Igbo Studies Association (Isa) Annual Conference and General Meeting at the University of Nigeria Nsukka