Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict and External Interventions: A Diplomatic and Historical Narrative.

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Ogunjewo, H.B.
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Taraba state university
The seemingly intractable, conflagrating Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict recently assumed a very dangerous dimension leading to the actual outbreak of war mainly because of external support, external interventions and international influences which indeed escalated the crisisto a major war. It has been established that international responses or external reactions to inter-state conflicts contribute to either the quick resolution or elongation of the conflict. The Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict is no exception and as a matter of fact has become another reference point of the argument. This paper describes and analysis the evolution, dynamics of the conflict, narrating the impact of international responses or external reactions to conflicts especially the role of Turkey and Russia and proceeds further to submit that the recent deadly attacks were actually triggered by the impact and assurances of external supports and interventions. This paper combines an empirical model of external intervention with a theoretical model of war duration and war causation. In doing so, it treats external intervention as an endogenous variable and contrary to previous studies, finds that external intervention is positively associated not only with war duration but also with war causation. Deploying electronic and print media reports and commentaries, especially those of the Aljazeera, BBC, Associated Press among others as well as a few secondary sources, the study examines the argument that contradicts previous studies which typically argue that interventions reduce the duration of the war. The paper concludes that external influences induce conflicts and territory for security and serenity will be critical in the final resolution of the war with de-emphasis on external influences and drawing from historical antecedents, the need to uphold diplomacy and territorial concession in full.
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External Interventions , Territory for Security and Serenity , International Influences , War Causation , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::History and philosophy subjects
Ogunjewo, H.B. (2021) Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict and External Interventions: A Diplomatic and Historical Narrative. Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Studies, A Publication of Institute of Peace Studies and Conflict Management (IPSACM) Taraba State University, Jalingo, Nigeria. Vol.3 No. 5, July 2021, pp 67-77.