Phytoremediation potential of Eichornia crassipes in metal-contaminated coastal water

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Agunbiade, F.O.
Olu-owolabi, B.I.
Adebowale, K.O.
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The potential of Eichornia crassipes to serve as a phytoremediation plant in the cleaning up of metals from contaminated coastal areas was evaluated in this study. Ten metals, As, Cd, Cu, Cr, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb, V and Zn were assessed in water and the plant roots and shoots from the coastal area of Ondo State, Nigeria and the values were used to evaluate the enrichment factor (EF) and translocation factor (TF) in the plant. The critical concentrations of the metals were lower than those specified for hyperaccumulators thus classifying the plant as an accumulator but the EF and TF revealed that the plant accumulated toxic metals such as Cr, Cd, Pb and As both at the root and at the shoot in high degree, which indicates that the plant that forms a large biomass on the water surface and is not fed upon by animals can serve as a plant for both phytoextraction and rhizofiltration in phytoremediation technology.
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phytoextraction , rhizofiltration , phytoremediation technology , Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Chemistry
Agunbiade, F. O., Olu-Owolabi, B. I., & Adebowale, K. O. (2009). Phytoremediation potential of Eichornia crassipes in metal-contaminated coastal water. Bioresource Technology, Vol.100(19), 4521-4526pp.