Ultrasonic dimensions of normal pancreatic duct in healthy Nigerians

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Olowoyeye, Omodele
Arogundade, RA
Awosanya, GOG
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The pancreas, apart from its endocrine function, principally contains exocrine acinar cells, which constitute about 80% of the gland, secreting pancreatic enzymes via a network of ducts. Ultrasonography is readily available, affordable and radiation-free, thus constituting a frontline imaging modality in the evaluation of pancreatic ducts. This study aims to establish normal sonographic pancreatic duct dimensions in asymptomatic adult Nigerian population. A total of 400 adult male and female subjects who underwent abdominal ultrasonography to evaluate clinical conditions unrelated to the pancreas were studied prospectively between April 2002 and May 2004. The measured anterior-posterior diameters of the pancreatic ducts in the region of the body were recorded and analyzed. The mean diameter of the pancreatic duct diameter in 87.76% was 2.13mm ± 1.35 SO and a range between 1.6-2.5mm. The pancreatic duct diameter increased with age indicating statistically significant relationship. (p-value=0.0492). Measurements of the normal pancreatic duct diameter in this study agrees with previous work documented in literature. Knowledge of the normal diameter of the pancreatic duct and variation factors are important for ease of identification of abnormalites during ultrasound evaluation of the pancreas.
Ultrasound, Radiology
West Afr. Jour. of Ultrasound. 2007; 8:8-12