Undergraduate Students' Concerns And Gender References For Councellors.

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Olusakin, A.M
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This study exposed the students gender preference for counsellor in relation to their problem areas. One hundred and fifty undergraduate students (90 males and 60 females) formed the subject of this study. 21 problem areas were included on the questionnaire and out of the 21,there was a significant evidence of gender preference for counselor. In 6 areas while no gender preference for counsellor among the students in the remaining 15 areas.Both male and female students indicated preference for same sex counsellor in dealing with sexual concerns. However in discussing problems concerning alcohol and smoking, both male and female students tend to prefer male counsellor while they prefer female counsellor when it comes to emotional matters like bereavement.The results point to the fact that both male and female counselors are needed in the field.
Conference Paper
Gender , Counsellor
Olusakin,A.M.(1997) Undergraduate Students' Concerns And Gender References For Councellors. Being a Paper Presented At The 21ST Annual Conference Of Counseling Association Of Nigeria (CASSON) Held At Warri,Delta, Nigeria.