Growth Pattern, Fecundity, Food and Feeding Habits of Panulirus Regius (De Brito Capello) off the Coast of Nigeria

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Lawal-Are, A.O
Adefule, A.O
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University of Lagos Press, Akoka
The spiny lobster (Panulirus regius) off the coast of Nigeria is highly under-studied probably due to lack of stock assessment, accessibility and cost of fishery. In this study, the growth pattern, size composition, fecundity, food and feeding habits of P. regius were carried out off the Lagos Harbour. A total of 120 specimens of P. regius ranging from 13.2 - 28.5 cm in total length were collected. The highest frequency was in the class interval of 15.5 - 16.4 cm. The length - weight relationship showed an allometric growth with weight increasing proportionately with increase in length. The b values were 2.8732, 3.1394 and 2.9635 for male, female and combined sexes respectively. The correlation coefficient (r) for male, female and combined sexes were 0.7373, 0.9231 and 0.8523 respectively, an indication of strong correlation. The stomach contents include fish parts, worm, sea urchin parts, crabs parts and lobster parts while 35 (29.2%) P. regius having empty stomachs. There were 53 males and 67 females giving a sex ratio of 1:1.26 with a chi square (لا²) of 1.64. Out of the 67 females recorded in this study, only17 (25.4%) were fecund. The fecundity estimate in relation to the total length showed a very low negative correlation. P. regius was highly fecund with a range of 109,375 - 494,645 eggs in female of 7.9 – 9.9 cm total length. Barnacle attachments were found on the abdomen and antenna of P. regius studied with preference of attachment to the antenna. There is need for continued research on its management and conservation to improve the paucity of information and stock assessment of the population in order to prevent over-exploitation and under-utilisation to boost its export trade.
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Growth pattern , Fecundity , Feeding habits , Spiny lobster , Lagos Harbour
Lawal-Are, A.O and Adefule, A.O (2017). Growth Pattern, Fecundity, Food and Feeding Habits of Panulirus Regius (De Brito Capello) off the Coast of Nigeria. Unilag Journal of Medicine, Science and Technology, Vol.5(1), 62-73p.