Challenges and motivating factors of treatment among orthodontic patients

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Utomi, I.L
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African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences
The purpose of this study was to determine the challenges and motivating factors of treatment among orthodontic patients in Lagos, Nigeria. A questionnaire survey of 75 patients aged 10-28 years undergoing orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and Chi-square test. About 82% of all the patients were teased about their appliance. Seventy -three percent of the subjects had difficulty with eating, 65.8% with oral hygiene and 37% with speech. Pain from the teeth was experienced by 69.9% of patients. Sixty-four per cent of the patients had a desire to discontinue treatment. Reasons for wanting to discontinue treatment included restriction to soft diet (37.5%), pain (20.8%), appearance (16.7%), missing school (12.5%), and effects on social life (12.5%). Restriction to soft diet and pain were reported as the worst aspects of treatment by 32% and 20% of the participants respectively. The most important motivating factors for continuing treatment were anticipated improvement in dental appearance (44%), and the determination to complete treatment (30.7%). The challenges of treatment among Nigerian orthodontic patients were considerable with no significant gender differences. Improving dental appearance and determination to continue treatment are major motivators for patients to continue orthodontic treatment. There is need for professional counselling of the Nigerian orthodontic patient.
challenges, motivating factors, orthodontic treatment
Utomi I.L.(2007) Challenges and motivating factors of treatment among orthodontic patients