An assessment of the role of Libraries in poverty alleviation among the youth in Lagos State, Nigeria

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Zaid, Y.A
Egberongbe, H.S
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Middlebelt Journal of Library and Information Science
A survey of the historical and contemporary facts and figures presents Nigeria as a nation battling with poverty eradication. The situation is further compounded by the level of poverty and the attendant socio-economic milieu among economically active youth. The study was based on a review of relevant literature on the use of public libraries and their roles in government’s commitment towards poverty alleviation among the youths in Lagos State, Nigeria. Employing a mixed methods approach, both qualitative and quantitative data were obtained. Using a purposive sampling technique, quantitative data were obtained with the use of a questionnaire administered to 378 youths selected from a total population of 475 persons who attended the readership and entrepreneurship community engagement programmes held at the three remodeled public libraries in Lagos State. Qualitative data were gathered from library users and administrators using interviews, observation and document analysis. While quantitative data were analyzed using frequency counts and simple percentage, qualitative data were analyzed using thematic analysis. Findings revealed that 58.5 percent of youths living in Lagos State, have low standard of living, and 80.7 percent are in need of information on survival and income generation to tackle poverty. Findings further revealed that three out of the eleven public libraries remodeled are providing free access to information resources, access to information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and community space for various programmes to help alleviate poverty among youths. The study concludes that public libraries play critical roles in poverty alleviation among youths, and recommends that management of public libraries should develop strategies for advocacy and sustainable information dissemination mechanism in line with the government’s vision on poverty alleviation programmes in Lagos State
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Poverty alleviation , Youths , Empowerment , Public libraries , Lagos state , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Other social sciences::Library and information science
Zaid, Y.A & Egberongbe, H.S. (2020). An assessment of the role of Libraries in poverty alleviation among the youth in Lagos State, Nigeria. Middlebelt Journal of Library and Information Science, 18, 20-39.