Language, Literature and African World view

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Timothy Asobele, S.J.
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This seminal work undertakes to search light in an illuminating way Politics in Literature, Language and African Worldview, and thought systems as it affects our literary culture and patrimonies in Africa. We decided to set the tone by publishing in the first Chapter Culture and Democracy in which we propose a need to DE- WESTERNIZE Our School Curriculum in Africa. That is, there is a crying need to replace archaic, Colonial African literature with its ethnocentric posturing, full of negative stereotype innuendoes of racist strand with set text books that will reflect our true cultural heritage worldview, and literary Patrimony. We are not proposing a parochial and xenophobic curriculum for African pupils, students and scholars in training. Certainly our children who are leaders oftomorrow, will have dealings with their colleagues in order climes and in other tongues: Hence the SSCE Literature in English which I wrote and which is a welcome addition to the growing lists of Reading materials published by African Writers both in the Diaspora and in mother Africa.
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Timothy Asobele, S.J. (2021). Language, Literature and African World view. 277p.