Three unending sensation plays

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Timothy Asobele, S.J.
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Upper Standard (Nig)
THE COMMANDER'S TELEGRAM is the allegory of what happens when family Unity is endangered by Misunderstanding that too often leads to War like in the Nigerian-Biafran civil war 1967-1970. PARADASE NI PARADISE is the Watch Tower for the Black and African people's family in the Diaspora. The message is for us to build a family that is united against the backdrop of world family where man's inhumanity to man is measured with a tape rule of baascap, Apartheid and hope. DOGIESOLA explores as it were the concept of Holy Family model of Parenthood, while searchlighting and highlighting the gradual loss of ancient landmarks of Family Values of Discipline, Devotion, Determination and Diligence. The prayer is God give us Christian home where moral values will be kept in tact.
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Timothy Asobele, S.J. (2015). Three unending sensation plays