The Impact of Industrial Relations on National Development in Nigeria.

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Anyim, F.C.
Danesi, R.A.
Ufodiam, N.M.
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National development is a multidimensional process which includes expansion in trade, infrastructures, building a more diversified export economy and development of the rural communities among others all in a bid to lift significant number of the populace out of poverty. Industrial relations and its institutions especially labour must be efficiently and effectively utilized to promote stability and productivity in workplace which ultimately enhances national development. This paper examines the impact of industrial relations on national development in Nigeria using samples drawn from the unions in the public sector, financial institution and food, beverage and tobacco industry. The quantitative research method was used for the study. The data gathered were analyzed using descriptive statistics expressed in percentages and complemented with correlational analysis. The results obtained showed positive significant correlation between industrial relations and the operationalised variables
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Direct Foreign Investment (DFI) , Gross Domestic Product (GDP) , Infrastructural Development , Industrial Relations
Anyim, F.C., Danesi, R.A., & Ufodiam, N.M. (2015), The Impact of Industrial Relations on National Development in Nigeria. Journal of Research In Management and Social Sciences, vol.1 (1). pp.146-159.