Knowledge and practice of sedentary lifestyle among bankers in Abuja, North-Central Nigeria

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Olatona, F.A.
Aderibigbe, S.A.
Sule, G.O.
Goodman, O.O.
Sekoni, O.O.
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Research Journal of Health Sciences
Objective: Appropriate regular physical activity is a major component in preventing the growing global burden of chronic disease and at least 60% of the global population fails to achieve the minimum recommendation of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity daily. This study was aimed at assessing the knowledge and practice of sedentary lifestyle among bankers in Bwari Area Council, FCT, Abuja in North-Central Nigeria. Methods: This was a descriptive cross-sectional study using a self-administered questionnaire. Systematic sampling was used to recruit 257 bankers from the various banks within BAC. The data was analyzed using the EPI INFO computer software package (version 3.5.3). Results: More than half 174 (67.7%) of the respondents were aware of sedentary lifestyle; 104 (59.9%) had good knowledge of sedentary lifestyle while 55 (31.5%) had poor knowledge. More than half 155 (60.3%) of the respondents were sedentary while only 102 (39.7%) were physically active. Knowledge of sedentary lifestyle did not significantly influence the practice of sedentary lifestyle. Conclusion: There was a good knowledge of the sedentary lifestyle among the respondents. More than half of the bankers were found to be sedentary and about a third were physically active. Programs aimed at improving physical activity among employees of this occupation group are therefore advocated.
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knowledge , Practice , Sedentary lifestyle , Physical activity , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE
Aderibigbe SA, Sule GO, Olatona FA, Goodman OO, Sekoni OO. Knowledge and practice of sedentary lifestyle among bankers in Abuja, North-Central Nigeria. Res. J. of Health Sci. 2017. 5(3): 167-174