Staff Personnel Management and Productivity in Ikeja Local Education District of Lagos state

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Bello, S. A.
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Staff management, whether in business, industry, church or school, lies at the core of the efficiency of the organization. Indeed the entire function called' administration' may be defined as getting things done through the efforts of other people. The extent to which the school. executive is able to manage his staff determines to a large extent the degree of the efficiency and consequently the level of the productivity of the school, Nwankwo (1985). . Recruitment, that is process of enlistment of new members into a group, and through which they become part and parcel of administration of an organization, has some relationship in the productivity of an institution like the school. Selection of personnel. for the school system is one of the most critical decisions that confront the school administrators. If a bad judgement is made, the process of correction can be too long and cumbersome, particularly in the school system, where personnel are so difficult to dismiss as against the situation in private enterprises where provisions are made for summary dismissal. Ukeje (1992) states that the recruitment and retention of competent people in the teaching profession is a perennial problem all over the world the further stressed that education anywhere has to attract high calibre of teaching personnel so as to improve its quality and productivity. , The focus of this study therefore is to etermine the productivity of school administration vis-a-vis the style of recruitment adopted by the government agency charged with the responsibility of employing the teaching personnel. 244 COl/temporary Issues ill Educational Management: Book of Honour; 2003 This study is very significant in the sense that the findings of the study will enable the Ikeja Local Education District of Lagos State set a very strong and productive standard in the recruitment, selection and placement of teachers.
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Bello, S. A. (2003). Staff personnel management and productivity. In J. B. Babalola and S. O. Adedeji (Eds.), Contemporary issues in educational management in honour of Professor R. S. Longe pp. 243 -251.