Sexual Harassment: Who is Harassing Who?

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Akinwale, G
Ayenibiowo, K
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African Journal for the Psychological Studies of Social Issues
Sexual bullying is no longer seen as a one sided phenomenon, it is a double edge sword that could pierce both the victims and the perpetrators.The study examined sexual bullying in lecturer’s student’s relationship with 2 vignettes depicting the dressing of students who approached a lecturer in his office. Two modes of dressing were presented, one considered to be scantily clothed while the other is full clothing. The participants were randomly assigned into the two groups. The data were analysed with 2x2 ANOVA to determine the effect of age and gender of the participants on assessment of punishment for the victims and the perpetrators. Clothing was hypothesized on and it was found to be significant, for the punishment of both students and also for the lecturer. The findings suggest stricter punishment for the victim and the perpetrator in full clothing scenario than in scanty clothing scenario. Age was found to be insignificant. The study therefore adjudged both the victims and the perpetrators to deserve punishment.
Sexual bullying, sexual harassment, gender, age, mode of dressing
Akinwale, G. & Ayenibiowo, K. (2017). Sexual Harassment: Who is Harassing Who? AJPPSI (2), 20. 16-25