Access to basic endocrine care where there's no endocrinologist

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Fasanmade, O.A
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There are few endocrinologists in many African countries including Nigeria when compared with the number in other regions of the world. There are many people with endocrine diseases and often these overwhelm the few endocrinologists. There is an urgent need to recruit other health care workers in the management of these patients to serve them better. The other healthcare providers need to be trained in basic endocrine care so that the endocrinologists can focus on the more serious or more technical endocrine problems. The shortage of endocrinologists should not reduce the quality/quantity of care for our patients with endocrine diseases and the endocrinologists need to think of innovative ways to cover this deficiency. Countries with one or 2 endocrinologists have explored and utilized other allied health workers to cover this gap, a lesson that Nigeria can learn from.
AACE Nigeria chapter annual congress 2019
Endocrine care , Basic care , Lack of endocrinologists , Health care workers , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE
Fasanmade OA. Access to basic endocrine care where there's no endocrinologist. AACE Nigeria chapter annual congress 2019.