Labour Output of Steel Fixers in Selected Building Construction Sites in Lagos, Nigeria

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Ameh, O. J.
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Journal of Applied Sciences & Environmental Sustainability
This study investigates labour output of steel fixers in in-situ concrete storey building construction on some selected sites in Lagos state. The main aim of the study are to aid the estimation of labour cost of steel works in reinforced concrete construction and to provide information for planning and schedule of work. Data were collected from twenty (20) construction sites through work study and activity sampling. The investigation reveals that a proficient steel fixer, averagely motivated is capable of cutting and bending one tonne of steel using simple hand tools for beams, columns, stairs and floor slabs for 27.05hrs, 24.10hrs, 26.06hrs. and 41.58 hours respectively. He is also capable of tying one tonne of steel rods into the same structural elements aforementioned for 45.06hrs, 35.20hrs, 25.10hrs, and 67.70hours respectively. Furthermore, steel fixers use 75.1% of their working time effectively while 24.9% of same is used ineffectively. It was recommended that labour output obtained be adapted as local substitute for the British Standard labour rate currently in use.
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Labour output , Steel fixers , Indigenous contracting organization , Building , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Ameh, O.J. (2013). Labour Output of Steel Fixers in Selected Building Construction Sites in Lagos, Nigeria. Journal of Applied Sciences & Environmental Sustainability, 1(1), 54-61