Assessment level of physicochemical properties and trace metals of water samples from Lagos, Nigeria.

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Chinedu, S.N.
Nwinyi, O
Oluwadamisi, A. Y.
Eze, V. N.
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International Journal of Advanced Research in Biological Sciences
Water quality assessment largely depends on the physicochemical parameters as well as organic and inorganic compounds that are dissolved or suspended in it. Current study investigates the physico-chemical parameters of borehole and Lagos lagoon water samples, as well as mean concentrations of trace metals (Fe, Ni, Cr, Zn and Cu) in commercial sachet and bottled water samples. Prior to analysis with Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry, samples were digested by aqua-regia technique. The pH values ranges from 7.30-8.5 for lagoon and borehole water samples and 6.30-7.35 for sachet and bottled water samples, other physicochemical parameters ranges are: Dissolved oxygen (bottled > bore hole > sachet > Lagos lagoon); Alkalinity (Lagos lagoon>borehole>bottled>sachet water),Electrical conductivity (Lagos lagoon>sachet>bottled>borehole) and salinity (Lagos lagoon > borehole>bottled>sachet). Also, Total dissolved solids were in the order: Lagos lagoon>borehole>sachet>bottled water. The occurrence of trace metals include Fe>Cu>Zn>Cr>Ni and while Fe, Ni, Zn and Cu were detected in all the samples, Cr was detected in 70 and 10% of bottled and sachet water samples respectively. Mean concentrations of the trace metals were generally lower in sachet than in bottled water samples. All the measured parameters except mean concentration of Fe and Ni were below the maximum allowable limit set by World Health Organization
Physicochemical parameters, trace metals, Lagos lagoon water, sachet and bottled water, allowable limit
Chinedu, S. N., Nwinyi, O., Oluwadamisi, A. Y., & Eze, V. N. (2011). Assessment of water quality in Canaanland, Ota, Southwest Nigeria. Agriculture and Biology Journal of North America, 2(4), 577-583.